Storm Damage and Emergency Services.

Fallen Tree Damage


We provide expert removal of downed trees and limbs, broken trees and tree limbs that have damaged or are in danger of damaging homes, vehicles, power lines and other structures.
After a storm all of the trees on your property should be examined for concealed cracks and splits that may cause future damage to your property or disease and insect infestation to further damage your trees.



Tree Removal.

Tree Removal

There are many reasons that trees need to be removed and Shark Tree Services has the training, skill, experience, specialized tools and unique tools to do the job.
As Certified Arborists we also know when a tree can be saved and nursed back to health.
We provide safe and non-invasive tree removal with complete clean up.
We strive to do our job so well that it will look like your tree was never there and we weren’t either!


Stump Grinding.


If you have stumps in the ground other trees you have had removed we can get them cleared for planting grass or new trees.





Tree Pruning

Pruning can maintain the health and improve the appearance of tree but it can also prevent problems.
Removing dead, diseased, insect infested limbs or limbs that obstruct views or overhang structures is advisable before problems arise.
Proper pruning should begin with young tees, to promote growth and provide proper shape and form.
As Certified Arborists we know precisely what needs to be trimmed to provide for the best health of your trees.


Consulting and Assistance.

Split Tree


If you need help or advice in selecting, planting, fertilizing, bracing, soil maintenance, insecticide, insect repellent or tree disease diagnosis give us a call.
As Certified Arborists we are experts in all aspects of tree health.Certification